Grand Pole

Breathtaking Elegance – Traditional with a Touch of Contemporary Flair

Our Grand Pole marquees enjoy a deservedly high reputation for their traditional elegance fused with a contemporary design element. The secret of the design is its taut fabric, like the surface of a drum, achieved through high tension ratchet guys, a curve in the cut of the cloth, tall apexes and a slight swoop between the centre poles. And yet it is still a traditional centre-pole marquee and it evokes that timeless, festive atmosphere which pole marquees have always embodied.

Our Grand Pole marquees can be lined either with our stunning hand-printed linings, or with a choice of complete or partial ivory roof linings (see images). The partial lining is made up of strip segments of ivory fabric, allowing a view into the high sweep of the marquee itself, while still retaining an element of formality.

Three reasons why might you opt for a Grand Pole Marquee:

  1. The height of the centre poles means that the marquee is not only a breathtakingly impressive structure, but allows warm summer air to rise comfortably above guest circulation space.

2. For many, the traditional effect of a marquee supported only by centre poles is integral to the experience of a country summer event. It brings to mind the age-old traditions of English garden hospitality.

3. Unlike frame marquees, pole marquees can look very handsome without roof linings, which can lead to a financial saving. In addition, their great height allows for a range of spectacular roof decorations.

Nuts & Bolts

Our Grand Pole marquees can be extended in 20ft (6m) increments and are 40ft (12m) wide. They need 7ft of extra room all around as space for the guys. As a rough guide, the smallest size (40x40ft, with a single pole) might accommodate a party for about 80. The next size (60x40ft) would be appropriate for about 120. An 80x40ft could house approximately 160; 100x40ft would be best for up to 200; 120x40ft for 240, and 140x40ft for 300. These figures assume that the entire party takes place under the single span. If dining and dancing were to be separated and housed in adjacent marquees, the number of guests could be increased.

Interior linings are available either in flat ivory, or with segmented (partial) roof strips, or in our signature cotton lining with its hand-printed motif.

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