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Apex Marquees is a marquee hire company and event planner, one of southwest England's most prestigious suppliers of rental equipment for parties, corporate and all types of outdoor events. We have an outstanding reputation for wedding marquee hire, and operate principally in Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon, Bristol, Bath, Hampshire and Gloucestershire.

Our high reputation rests on 3 guiding principles:

1. To stock the highest standard marquees and furniture and maintain it meticulously.
2. To provide a personal marquee hire and event planning service with attention to individual detail.
3. To offer competitive prices for any kind of outdoor event.

We specialize in weddings and parties but cater for all types of outdoor events. As well as different sizes of frame and clearspan marquees for hire, we offer traditional marquees, smaller party tents and a wide range of furniture for hire.

FRAME MARQUEES - clearspan and frame tents for space efficiency and neat annexes

POLE MARQUEES - elegant, country wedding feel with the traditional look, but also with a contemporary twist

RAJ AND EXOTIC INTERIORS - for something different, a fun party interior, but also wonderfully opulent

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  Wedding Marquees

We are increasingly well-known for wedding marquee hire, and go to great lengths to make clients feel comfortable and confident for their special event. We pride ourselves on being a marquee hire company with a personal touch. We concentrate on weddings in the south west, covering Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon, Bristol, Bath and Gloucestershire, but also regularly travel to Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey.

  News from Roland, MD

Winter is not the high season for outdoor events or marquee hire, which gives us time to re-group, repair, re-furnish and focus on planning next season's weddings and special events. We are happy to do site visits across the southwest (Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon and further afield). We've also found time for an Apex Marquees company ski trip to Chamonix (see photo - the company team at the top of Les Houches)

  Frame Marquees

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  Pole Marquees

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  Raj & Exotic interiors

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