Creating your dream space

When a lining is installed within a marquee, the interior space is transformed. It is no longer just a protective cover in case of bad weather but an elegant ballroom, which you can decorate, ornament and style, to realize the party of your dreams. We offer conventional ivory linings and also a block-printed cotton lining that has now become synonymous with our brand. The success of these entirely hand-crafted, ethically-sourced linings, since we introduced them more than a decade ago, has been sensational, and several competitors have sought to emulate them with machine screen-printed imitations. However, we do not believe any of the them match the hand-printed beauty of our originals, for which we travel regularly to Rajasthan to oversee production. The pictures on this site speak for themselves.

All our linings can be used in combination with pealights, which shine either through or beneath the linings to add glitter, sometimes throughout the roof space and at other times just above the dance floor.

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