Free-standing Contemporary Frame Structures

Our Clearspan marquees are free-standing, gable-ended structures without centre poles. They are not dependent on guy ropes to keep them standing, though they do need to be anchored with stakes where they stand. The clean-lined finish makes them ideal for people who prefer a more contemporary look. Their sturdy structure also makes them ideal for very exposed sites, in stormy or winter weather.

Three reasons why you might opt for a Clearspan Marquee:

1. To give your event a more modern, clean-lined ambience.

2. To achieve maximum protection from the wind and weather.

  3. To maximize the interior space, without the need for centre poles.

Nuts & Bolts

Our Clearspan Marquees are 12m (40ft) wide and can be extended lengthways in 3m increments. They can be lined with our flat ivory interior lining, but other types of lining (including coloured cloth and starlight) are available on request.

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