Garden Frame

Modular and Flexible

Our Garden Frame marquees are free-standing structures without centre poles. However, they are hip-ended (as opposed to gable-ended), which means that either end has a downward slope, thus making them look from the outside more like a traditional marquee.

They are not dependent on guy ropes to keep them upright, but they do need to be anchored to the ground where they stand. As well as grass, they can be positioned on hard surfaces like tarmac, concrete or tennis courts. They can also be butted directly up against one another, so as to fill different spaces in an awkwardly shaped garden, or to create separate zones and contrasting atmospheres. Extendable and available in different sizes, our Garden Frame marquees can be hired with or without linings, and can cater for small as well as larger events.

Three reasons why you might opt for a Garden Frame Marquee:

  1. They are modular, can be extended, butted up to one another, or turned into an L- or T- shape, allowing for neat annexes, different or contrasting atmospheres, and a flexibility of floor plan.

2. All shapes and garden surfaces can be covered: lawns, fields, back yards, against buildings, and patios. Hard surfaces are not a problem. No centre poles means no interior obstructions.

3. Their basic structure is a metal frame, ie sturdy and rigid, which allows for the hanging of weighty decorations, or the attachment of lights and floral arrangements at different points.

Nuts & Bolts

Our Garden Frame Marquees come in the following sizes:
10x7ft – usually used for a walkway, a porch or a caterer’s staging post.
15x15ft – ideal for a small kitchen tent or bar.
15x25ft and 20x20ft – good for terraces or catering use.
20x20ft extendable range – can be extended in 10ft increments.
30x30ft extendable range can be extended in 10ft increments, up to 100x30ft, which would be suitable for a dinner-dance party of 150 guests.

Interior linings are available either in pleated ivory or in our signature cotton with hand-printed motif.

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