Traditional Canvas

For a Vintage, Rustic Atmosphere

Due to ever increasing popular demand, we are now pleased to announce the launch of our traditional cotton canvas marquees. These tents cater for the rustic-styled, vintage English garden type of event. The marquees are made from pure canvas and therefore do not necessarily require interior linings. The legs and centre poles are crafted from wood, as are the charming old-fashioned finials that cap the legs. In combination with our wooden cross-backed chairs, natural coir matting and a touch of rustic flair from the florist, these petal-scalloped canvas marquees offer the perfect setting for a vintage-styled event.

Three reasons why you might opt for a traditional canvas marquee:

   1. To enhance a vintage, old-English, rustic country atmosphere. Retro styling is becoming increasingly popular, and nothing epitomizes a traditional English garden event like a true canvas marquee.

  2. To rein in the budget through opting for a less opulent interior and simpler styling. In the search for vintage authenticity, a traditionally simple interior can ally style with economic sense.

3. Your event may not be large enough to warrant a Grand Pole marquee, in which case this slightly smaller canvas petal marquee, with its timber poles and traditional top, would be ideal. 

Nuts & Bolts

Our canvas marquees are 30ft (9m) wide and can be extended in 20ft (6m) increments. The smallest tent would therefore be 30x30ft, the next size up would be 50x30ft, then 70x30ft etc. The legs are positioned every 5ft around the perimeter, and the marquee requires 5ft extra room all around as space for the guys.

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